Burn! Times Four

Well, the last four big sales I had on eBay and Amazon ($20-$100), I ended up having to refund.

This means, I also eat the listing cost (1/4 – 1/3 of total purchase), the shipping cost ($7.00 – $27.00), and the cost of the items ($2.00 – $10.00). Needless to say, this is quite an issue.

Problem is, I bought all four items separately from the same liquidator/wholesaler, of which I won’t name. Some of you might have done the same thing.

The items are listed as “NEW” big box retail returns or old stock, but when you buy these items and list them on eBay or Amazon, send them out to the buyer, you end up having to return the items, though they looked sealed in original packaging.

Not again. Maybe I should have looked inside the packages, ruining the integrity of the seal, or maybe I should have been to the “Preview” of the auctioned-off merchandise. Either way, I really have no one to blame for the loss of 100’s of dollars but myself.

Lesson learned, I move on. Purchasing from reputable sources, I shall. Loyalty is one thing, but damn, I have to look out for myself and my customers.