Online Only; or Move to Another Storefront?


New Items, Summer 2017

Recently, I’ve been up to the booth (C-62 at HSAM) and tried to rearrange some things, pulled some items I’ve been sitting on, placed some newer stuff we’ve picked up, and put sales tags on a bunch of goodies. Below are some pictures. Enjoy! – Steve

Burn! Times Four

Well, the last four big sales I had on eBay and Amazon ($20-$100), I ended up having to refund.

This means, I also eat the listing cost (1/4 – 1/3 of total purchase), the shipping cost ($7.00 – $27.00), and the cost of the items ($2.00 – $10.00). Needless to say, this is quite an issue.

Problem is, I bought all four items separately from the same liquidator/wholesaler, of which I won’t name. Some of you might have done the same thing.

The items are listed as “NEW” big box retail returns or old stock, but when you buy these items and list them on eBay or Amazon, send them out to the buyer, you end up having to return the items, though they looked sealed in original packaging.

Not again. Maybe I should have looked inside the packages, ruining the integrity of the seal, or maybe I should have been to the “Preview” of the auctioned-off merchandise. Either way, I really have no one to blame for the loss of 100’s of dollars but myself.

Lesson learned, I move on. Purchasing from reputable sources, I shall. Loyalty is one thing, but damn, I have to look out for myself and my customers.

Vintage Plus In Person! HSAM Sale, 12th Anniversary, 6-10pm

Every May, the Heritage Square Antique Mall puts on its annual anniversary party. Free admission, with free drinks and snacks.

AND, Vintage Plus will be there (Booth C-62, up the main/center aisle, on the left). Cynthia and I (Steve) will have this-day-only sales tags to negotiate with customers and friends.

The booth is stacked tight with fun stuff for us younger vintage collectors and cultural history buffs. Be sure to stop by and at least say Hi, and prepare to get a deal if you see something you like!

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017, 6pm – 10pm
1865 Brice Road, Columbus, OH 43232

HSAM: 614-864-8722 (FB Fan Page)
Vintage+: 614-778-7324 (FB Event)

Small Business Saturday

20161121_154032Don’t forget during your holiday shopping (if that’s your thing), to support local establishments like Vintage Plus and Heritage Square Antique Mall!

20161121_154016Vintage Plus has several cool items at HSAM, booth C-62 (down the main aisle), but many other booths there have some awesome goodies. So be sure to hit the others before checking out.

20161121_154043VP at the moment has several new items brought up last week.

Several new comics, new board games, fresh mugs, and many sale prices on summer items like glasses and outdoor games.

20161121_154003We also have a second box of vinyl LP records, a full Christmas display, and there are 4 boxes left of 45 RPM records for one low price.

Hope you enjoy out rearranging!

Vintage Plus @ HSAM (C-62)
1865 Brice Road
Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 864-8722

NEW! Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks

img_6463There is something appealing about the pocket book, that small 7×5-inch paperback novel. Some are television or movie tie-ins and others are non-fiction (history/politics/religion).

img_6462I don’t know if it’s the size–compact and powerful–or how they tend to line up and look beautiful on a shelf. Except for the earliest, smaller mass markets, most are exactly the same size.

img_6466These pieces of literature have been in my antique booth since the beginning. But they seem to be popular, and have been flying off the shelf. So…I stocked up the shelves well, and even have extras in an old, Quaker State oil box.

img_6465There are horror sequels (The Exorcist, and the Omen), some various religious opinion pieces, and some controversial lit bits, like Lolita.

img_6468I also have a decent amount of vintage political commentary and biographies (Kennedy, Roosevelt, treason, and election rigging).

img_6469Most of these books are $1 – 3.00, but some of the more rare are a bit higher. If you don’t live in the area, any of these books (if $3.00^ and available) can be bought from our Amazon storefront.

img_6471If you’re in the area, you know our booth location: C-62 (up the main aisle) at HERITAGE SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL.

img_6470NOTE: Not all books available are pictured. There are several photos more but not posted here. 🙂

HSAM’s Customer Appreciation Party: Oct 7 2016

img_5939TONIGHT! October 7th, 2016 – FRIDAY

Heritage Square Antique Mall is having their Customer Appreciation party tonight with FREE drinks and snacks, and $250 in gift certificate giveaways.

img_6020Our booth is C-62 (look for the white boxes of comic books and 45 RPM records in front!). We already have RED TAGS for prices 25-75% off. Additionally, Cynthia and I (Steve) will be there making deals.

img_6008We’ve taken a lot of stale items out and put in some fresh content this week, with some seasonal: Halloween, Fall and Winter.

img_6007Stop by and say hi, and pick up something waaaay below retail/eBay prices. 😀

BOOTH C-62, up the main isle, on the left.

One Year and Counting


Well, August 1st makes ONE YEAR with Heritage Square Antique Mall, and it’s been a great experience for the most part.

There hasn’t been one month where we lost money. Almost every month, we’ve doubled the income of that of the outgoing rent.

Of course, a lot of our goodies have the liquid cash tied up, but we have a lot of cool stuff, and in this business old stuff remains … old. 🙂

Between you and me, the living room in our house is half full of goodies that are needing to be brought up to the booth once they’re stickered with prices, but of course that means there has to be space at the booth for these items.

So, what I’ve been doing recently is pricing things with the HSAM stickers (with our booth number: C-62), wrapping them in newspaper or bubble wrap, and sealing them in boxes. These are stacked out of the way, instead of piles of shopping bags and small boxes of items taking up horizontal space.

We will continue staying with HSAM as long as we’re consistently making money, and everyone seems to like us being there. If we’re making money, that means that they are, too.


Estate Sales = Social Activism

estate-sale-signIt’s warm out and yard sale season has begun, but I can’t seem to quit you, Auctions. I love thee, lemme count the ways…

Seriously, I do love my auctions, especially when I bid on rich people’s estate sales. How can I not? I’m a middle class 39yo male and I’m scoring some cool stuff from richer older people for pennies on the dollar.

estatesale-slideMost of the stuff I win I resell. If it’s old, it goes into the antique booth, or on eBay if it’s newer or has a more national appeal. Some things I keep for myself, but not usually.

I’m a minimalist–blame the wife–and not quite into buying things that I don’t want or need. I have extensive collections of my favorite authors, 1970’s horror films and my Nine Inch Nails CDs, but I don’t have much more than that besides the shelving these items require. Everything else in the house is for sale on a website, or it’s waiting for booth space to go up to HSAM to flip.

estate sale 04-16The types of people I win items from are probably varied, but in one case I knew exactly what I was walking into: tax repayment liquidation. “We lived luxuriously, irresponsibly, and without altruism. Everything must go!” Yep, that kind.

Beautiful, towering home in a gated community, everything accented in oak, cherry and mahogany. Brass here, gold-plate there, sterling everywhere. And the depressed look on the face of the owner.collage

I don’t mind it too much, being a sort of bottom-feeder. I actually encourage others to do these auctions. For a fraction of retail cost, YOU too can score some nice, fancy, cared-for items from wealthy people who can’t have it anymore.

estate20saleNot exactly acts of war, but estate sales are a lot like when a shark starts to devour the flashy, noticeable fish, the pieces of that fish are then in bite-size portions for others to nibble off of. Taking from the wealth-hoarders: social activism at its finest.


IMG_2920The booth’s appearance was wearing on me at HSAM. So I changed some things around. A 1-hour job took 4 or 5 hours.

I was tired of similar items in 2 or 3 different locations. I didn’t like that what was up front-and-center wasn’t selling and what was hidden might be good cash.

IMG_2921I also wasn’t pleased with the P-shape of the booth, with only one way in and out. In August, it’ll be a year that we’ve had the booth, so as you keep adding and adding furniture, shelving and goodies, the frame stays the same but the fat starts to bulge. I wanted a U-shape, with two ways people can enter or leave, without feeling trapped in, or like they’re going to trap another person in.

IMG_2931So, like a played-out Scrabble game, I tossed the board to start afresh … almost. I pulled the two 2-tier tables and put up a 3×4 cube shelf unit. This allowed us to use the vertical retail space (When you pay rent, you’re renting the air above your 10×13″ lot, so use it!).

IMG_2930All the mugs were grouped together. In some sort of fashion, all of the electronics and tools are together, the kitchen and cooking are kind of together. I relocated the mass market pocket books, and rearranged them so that the oldest books are less prominent. And the big pieces were moved to display differently: the Singer, the conversation table, the Schwinn (which a nice man dated for me–May 1972), and the military chest.

IMG_2932I think it looks fresh and I’m going to wait to bring up more goodies, assuming there will be some sections empty by the week’s end. Looks nicer, I think.

And yes, there will be more bottles for the 7-UP, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and beer lovers. Lots more bottles!