Picking for your Wedding


Wedding season is coming up and with that comes all the goodies that set your wedding apart from the myriad others. Everyone wants to have their special day be, well, special, but many get so caught up in having a wonderful wedding that they spend thousands of dollars that could otherwise be spent on building a solid life.

Fortunately for us pickers, there are lots of fantastic ways to make a personalized wedding without spending much at all. The important thing is to give yourself as much time as possible. When shopping at thrift stores, yard sales and antique malls, it is easy to find something almost right, but takes a bit of digging to get the perfect item. If you can start a year before your big day, you can be selective and picky about price. If you have a month or two, you will either have to pay a little more or be a little less choosy. Either way, your certain to spend less than your retail-paying counterparts.

DSC04614Select your theme. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but chose some kind of harmonizing theme to weave throughout. Pick your colors or use a certain type of flower or add touches from a mutual hobby. Whatever it is, use that as your guide.

DSC04653If you plan to do your own table decorations, you can make some lovely centerpieces using used items. Collect a variety of differently shaped vases that are the same color, say all milk glass or all green. A variety of heights and designs will make for a lovely centerpiece when filled with seasonally appropriate flowers or greenery. Consider also colored bottles or vintage mason jars.

Vintage tea cup and saucer sets can use purchased at great prices. Use for a morning wedding brunch or use to make charming centerpieces or as votive holders.

DSC00841Old books can be used in centerpieces. If you find some roughed up books for pennies, they could even be used in a variety of fun crafts such as wreaths and buntings.

Serving trays and platters are abundant at antique malls and thrift stores and are currently a steal. Buy a variety that fit with your theme (Winter wonderland or farm land themes are common), then use for coffee stations, wine glasses or cake slices. If you want to have a punch, your serving sets will be at fantastic prices now (and it doesn’t have to be your Grandma’s punch! Google some fun and modern punches). Candy dishes are everywhere at antique malls (or other types of dishes that could be used as candy dishes); get a variety to use for mints and mixed nuts.

DSC04572If you are moving out on your own for the first time and having a small wedding, you could even buy certain items to use after the wedding. For example, by buying a variety of blue and white china plates to use at the wedding, you can have a set for home use ready to go afterwards. They don’t have to match, and then there’s no reason to cry if one breaks. Buy pretty serving utensils and then use them in your home. Vintage candle holders will look lovely at the chapel, then will grace your lovely home. Buy an assortment of simple white napkins for place settings, then afterwards you can use them in place of wasteful paper napkins.

If you have lots of time until the wedding, start peeking at the napkinformal gown section at the thrift store. There is no bad ju-ju attached to a used dress, but you just may get a $20-50 dress instead of a $300-1000 one. Of course, you’ll have to weed through some awful things with bad lace and puffy shoulders. Maybe you’ll find a perfect one, but it is two sizes to large. It still may be worthwhile since you can get it resized for less than the cost of a new dress. Also look for nice prom dresses as white or off-white are becoming more common.

A nice pair of earrings or a necklace can be found at the antique store. You can look for lovely spring hats or a fur muff for a winter wedding. You can also find some lovely antiquated touches such as a pair of lace gloves for a few dollars. Delicate hankies are perfect for the parents of the bride and groom during a touching ceremony.

Thrift stores will have formal men’s wear at prices that are the same as or less than rental. Get fitted, then start looking out for a tux at a thrift store. You can always have hems adjusted. You are certain to find a nice tie for pennies at a thrift store. The antique mall may have some dapper pieces such as a top hat or cane to round out the outfit.20151225_190502

If you want something with a bit more personality than a standard diamond or wedding band, thrift stores and antique malls (or pawn shops for that matter) can supply the perfect rings. You can find some lovely rings for a bargain. Antique or vintage rings have so much character and ooze history and romance.

Have fun picking and have a beautiful wedding!