Small Business Saturday

20161121_154032Don’t forget during your holiday shopping (if that’s your thing), to support local establishments like Vintage Plus and Heritage Square Antique Mall!

20161121_154016Vintage Plus has several cool items at HSAM, booth C-62 (down the main aisle), but many other booths there have some awesome goodies. So be sure to hit the others before checking out.

20161121_154043VP at the moment has several new items brought up last week.

Several new comics, new board games, fresh mugs, and many sale prices on summer items like glasses and outdoor games.

20161121_154003We also have a second box of vinyl LP records, a full Christmas display, and there are 4 boxes left of 45 RPM records for one low price.

Hope you enjoy out rearranging!

Vintage Plus @ HSAM (C-62)
1865 Brice Road
Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 864-8722