NEW! Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks

img_6463There is something appealing about the pocket book, that small 7×5-inch paperback novel. Some are television or movie tie-ins and others are non-fiction (history/politics/religion).

img_6462I don’t know if it’s the size–compact and powerful–or how they tend to line up and look beautiful on a shelf. Except for the earliest, smaller mass markets, most are exactly the same size.

img_6466These pieces of literature have been in my antique booth since the beginning. But they seem to be popular, and have been flying off the shelf. So…I stocked up the shelves well, and even have extras in an old, Quaker State oil box.

img_6465There are horror sequels (The Exorcist, and the Omen), some various religious opinion pieces, and some controversial lit bits, like Lolita.

img_6468I also have a decent amount of vintage political commentary and biographies (Kennedy, Roosevelt, treason, and election rigging).

img_6469Most of these books are $1 – 3.00, but some of the more rare are a bit higher. If you don’t live in the area, any of these books (if $3.00^ and available) can be bought from our Amazon storefront.

img_6471If you’re in the area, you know our booth location: C-62 (up the main aisle) at HERITAGE SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL.

img_6470NOTE: Not all books available are pictured. There are several photos more but not posted here. 🙂