One Year and Counting


Well, August 1st makes ONE YEAR with Heritage Square Antique Mall, and it’s been a great experience for the most part.

There hasn’t been one month where we lost money. Almost every month, we’ve doubled the income of that of the outgoing rent.

Of course, a lot of our goodies have the liquid cash tied up, but we have a lot of cool stuff, and in this business old stuff remains … old. 🙂

Between you and me, the living room in our house is half full of goodies that are needing to be brought up to the booth once they’re stickered with prices, but of course that means there has to be space at the booth for these items.

So, what I’ve been doing recently is pricing things with the HSAM stickers (with our booth number: C-62), wrapping them in newspaper or bubble wrap, and sealing them in boxes. These are stacked out of the way, instead of piles of shopping bags and small boxes of items taking up horizontal space.

We will continue staying with HSAM as long as we’re consistently making money, and everyone seems to like us being there. If we’re making money, that means that they are, too.