Estate Sales = Social Activism

estate-sale-signIt’s warm out and yard sale season has begun, but I can’t seem to quit you, Auctions. I love thee, lemme count the ways…

Seriously, I do love my auctions, especially when I bid on rich people’s estate sales. How can I not? I’m a middle class 39yo male and I’m scoring some cool stuff from richer older people for pennies on the dollar.

estatesale-slideMost of the stuff I win I resell. If it’s old, it goes into the antique booth, or on eBay if it’s newer or has a more national appeal. Some things I keep for myself, but not usually.

I’m a minimalist–blame the wife–and not quite into buying things that I don’t want or need. I have extensive collections of my favorite authors, 1970’s horror films and my Nine Inch Nails CDs, but I don’t have much more than that besides the shelving these items require. Everything else in the house is for sale on a website, or it’s waiting for booth space to go up to HSAM to flip.

estate sale 04-16The types of people I win items from are probably varied, but in one case I knew exactly what I was walking into: tax repayment liquidation. “We lived luxuriously, irresponsibly, and without altruism. Everything must go!” Yep, that kind.

Beautiful, towering home in a gated community, everything accented in oak, cherry and mahogany. Brass here, gold-plate there, sterling everywhere. And the depressed look on the face of the owner.collage

I don’t mind it too much, being a sort of bottom-feeder. I actually encourage others to do these auctions. For a fraction of retail cost, YOU too can score some nice, fancy, cared-for items from wealthy people who can’t have it anymore.

estate20saleNot exactly acts of war, but estate sales are a lot like when a shark starts to devour the flashy, noticeable fish, the pieces of that fish are then in bite-size portions for others to nibble off of. Taking from the wealth-hoarders: social activism at its finest.