IMG_2920The booth’s appearance was wearing on me at HSAM. So I changed some things around. A 1-hour job took 4 or 5 hours.

I was tired of similar items in 2 or 3 different locations. I didn’t like that what was up front-and-center wasn’t selling and what was hidden might be good cash.

IMG_2921I also wasn’t pleased with the P-shape of the booth, with only one way in and out. In August, it’ll be a year that we’ve had the booth, so as you keep adding and adding furniture, shelving and goodies, the frame stays the same but the fat starts to bulge. I wanted a U-shape, with two ways people can enter or leave, without feeling trapped in, or like they’re going to trap another person in.

IMG_2931So, like a played-out Scrabble game, I tossed the board to start afresh … almost. I pulled the two 2-tier tables and put up a 3×4 cube shelf unit. This allowed us to use the vertical retail space (When you pay rent, you’re renting the air above your 10×13″ lot, so use it!).

IMG_2930All the mugs were grouped together. In some sort of fashion, all of the electronics and tools are together, the kitchen and cooking are kind of together. I relocated the mass market pocket books, and rearranged them so that the oldest books are less prominent. And the big pieces were moved to display differently: the Singer, the conversation table, the Schwinn (which a nice man dated for me–May 1972), and the military chest.

IMG_2932I think it looks fresh and I’m going to wait to bring up more goodies, assuming there will be some sections empty by the week’s end. Looks nicer, I think.

And yes, there will be more bottles for the 7-UP, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and beer lovers. Lots more bottles!